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實驗室編號 實驗室名稱 教師
Air Toxicant and Water Quality Lab.
Chen Shuijen 
EP102 Environmental Health and Risk Assessment. Chao Howran 
EP103 Lab. for Solid Wastes Valorization Research Huang Wujang 
EP104 Air Pollution Lab. Lee Jiatwu 
Satellite and Remote Sensing Technology Lab.
Yu WuChou 
Soil Management and Remediation Lab.
Hseu Zengyei 
EP203 Applied Microbiology Lab. Chiu Jueiyu 
EP205 Air Pollution Protection and Material Application Technology Lab. Chiu Chuenhuey 
EP207 Environmental Toxics and Plasma Technology Lab. Hsieh Liente 
EP208 Soil and Waste Lab.  Sa hJygau 
EP209 Green Technology Lab. Huang Kuolin 
EP210 Lab. for Environmental Application Technology  Lin Yawjian 
EP305 Water Treatment and Environmental Management Lab. Chen Kuanchung 
EP306A Biological Treatment Technology Lab. Kuo Wenchien 
EP306B Groundwater Remediation Lab. Yeh Kueijyum 
EP307 Environmental Analysis and Membrane Separation Lab. Huang Yichu 
EP308 Environmental Quality Monitoring Lab. Lin Chieh 
EP310 Solid Waste and Waste Gas Thermal Treatment Lab. Chang Kuoching 
BS211 Environmental Statistics Lab.  Chen Tingchien 
BS213 Ecotoxicology Lab.  Hsieh Chiying