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Department of Environmental science and Engineering


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This department was founded in 1954 as the Department of Agricultural Chemistry of Pingtung Agricultural College. When the college was upgraded as the National Pingtung Institute of Technology in 1991, the department was changed into the two-year program of the Department of Environmental Protection Technology. The graduate program of Environmental Engineering Technology was established in 1993. The department and graduate program were combined together to form the new Department of Environmental Science and Engineering. The PH.D. program was established in 2003. At present, the Department recruits students for two four-year bachelor program, one master program, one doctoral program, and one continuing master program for professional people.

Educational principles and distinct features

This Department aims to cultivate the talents of environmental science and technology, engineering, and management. The distinct features are the equal emphasis on theories and practical training, general education and specialized knowledge, and national and international perspectives. In addition to the basic education of bachelor program, we focus principally on the development and training of academic talents in the master and doctoral programs. This Department designs the curriculum in accordance with trends of the environmental protection industry. In particular, the Department strives to enhance the abilities of analysis and identification of the pollutants, pollution treatment and remediation as well as pollutant planning and management. The Department also opens various certificate classes to equip the students with the technology and knowledge of pollution control of soil, water, air, and solid waste as well as resources recycling. The ultimate goal is to cultivate practical and professional capabilities with technological and environmental protection experiences.

Developing Direction

The department will design cross-field and cross-department curriculum, increase the lab equipment, and strengthen the practical independent-project course content to raise the teaching quality. Furthermore, the department will increase cooperation with industry, promote integrated research projects of environmental technologies to raise the quality and quantity of academic research. In addition, the department will develop the related management technologies for incorporated environmental protection and preservation.

Possible career categories for the graduates

The graduates can go through the national examination channel to become public officers or professional technicians, or become environmental protection engineers for environmental consulting firms and high-tech or traditional industries. They can be lecturers for the environmental education programs or school teachers of various levels. They can also be in charge of various tasks related to the environmental fields, such as management, planning, design, operation, detection, teaching, and social services, etc.